Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

1 12 2012

Chapter 26

1. God’s message is to be chosen over our life. V.2,15
2. God’s call comes with a sense of urgency. v.15
3. It is easy to incite a crowd with half-truths. v.11
4. Even in perilous times, God gives key people at the right time. v.24

Chapter 27

1. The authority to lead comes from the God who created. v.5
2. God uses the godless to serve Him until their judgment comes. v.7
3. When God’s people act like the heathen, they will be judged like the heathen. v.12
4. What we want to hear is not always what we need to hear.

Chapter 28

1. Preaching with authority does not mean that the preaching is authorized. v.2
2. False hope that plays upon real desires is a cruel argument. v.3,4
3. The truthfulness of a prophet is vindicated by the accuracy of the message. v.9
4. False prophets ignore God’s call to repent, reform, and return. v.10,11


1. It is to our advantage…
a. To make the best of our situation. v.5-7
b. To wait upon God. v.10
2. Letters of encouragement are a ministry of the Lord. v.10
3. God honors prayer based upon His promises. v.12
4. Half-heartedness is never God’s plan. v.13
5. “It is a kindness to our friends to let them know of their foes”. v.29 (Matthew Henry)

Chapter 30

1. Our darkest hour has a sunrise. v.7-9
2. Incurable sin calls for amazing grace. v.12-17
3. The Messiah is the only cure for antisemitism. v.17




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