Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

28 11 2012

Chapter 21

1. The king sought deliverance, not the Deliverer. v.2
2. If God is against us, who can be for us? v,5
3. Earthly security without heavenly strength is vain. v.13

Chapter 22

1. Leaders are responsible for their lack of action. v.3
2. Dying saints are justly envied while living sinners are justly pitied. (Matthew Henry) v.10
3. Building a godly house is more important than building a comfortable house. v.15
4. Prosperity can make us either indifferent or indebted to God. v.16

Chapter 23

1. Jesus is our King, our Judge, our Righteousness, and our God. v.5,6
2. The Word of God is like…v.28-29
wheat it provides substance, nourishment
fire it will either harden or melt
Hammer it breaks what is hardened
3. Believing a lie leaves one spiritually empty (v.16), morally contented (v.17), and entirely clueless (v.17).
4. False prophets pervert the Word of God through extra-biblical revelations (v.32) and ridicule of its true message (v.34).

Chapter 24

1. They who suffer first may not be the ones who have suffered worst.
2. We are poor judges of circumstances. v.5 (“for their good”)

Chapter 25

1. The pleasure of sin may destroy the simple joys of life. v.10
2. Judgement begins at the house of God, but it sure doesn’t end there! v.15
3. We choose God’s wrath when we fail to heed His Word. v.4-7; 28-29




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