Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

23 11 2012

Chapter 16

1. Being single is sometimes a call of God. V.2 (see 1Cor.7:6-8)
2. Sin causes us to justify ourselves and judge God. Repentance is its opposite. v.10
3. Sin cannot be concealed nor overlooked (v.17), but it can be forgiven (Luke 7:47).
4. When God chastens, He teaches. v.21

Chapter 17

1. When sin is engraved in the heart, children see and learn. v.2
2. The heart will always think of itself better than what it is. v.9
3. When God is our confidence in the best of times, He will be our comfort in the worst of times. v.17
4. God wants priority over work and our acquisition of money.
5. The reward of obedience is security. v.25

Chapter 18

1. We find object lessons of truth in everyday life. v.2
2. Even when marred (damaged), we are still in the Potter’s hands. v.4
3. There is no hope when there is no repentance. v.12
4. Threats are often the first step in denying and silencing truth. v.18
5. Jeremiah speaks prophetically in v.21-23 and is not meant to be copied.

Chapter 19

1. There is no fleeing from God’s justice but by fleeing to His mercy. (Matthew Henry)
2. We justify sin when we ignore the Word. v.5
3. A stiff neck (stubbornness) leads to dull hearing (indifference to the Word. v.15

Chapter 20

1. Choose your friends wisely, you may suffer the consequences of their punishment. v.4
2. Sometimes it is our own expectations that let us down. v.7
3. It is hard to endure mocking without discouragement. v.7-8
4. Beware of friends who use flattery. v.10
5. Good men are men at best. v.24 (Matthew Henry)




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