21 11 2012

It is a holiday that has not given into the god of materialism and greed. It is not identified with drunken parties. It has an origin of giving thanks and has pretty much kept to its design. It is Thanksgiving, probably my favorite holiday. I know there are exceptions but I think most people get it. Most view it as a time of being grateful. Being grateful for people who have a special place in our lives, blessings that have made our life better, values that have shaped us, and many other things great or small. Many will look to God as the Giver and the One deserving of our thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time of families gathered around a table of feasting. A time of interaction, laughter, and memories. It is a time of sitting back with a hot cup of coffee after the meal and enjoying the simple pleasures of being with people you love.

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow, please say a prayer for those soldiers and their families who are separated by war. Remember those who are suffering grief, loneliness, debilitating illness, or hunger. It is too bad that “Black Friday” has moved its way into this special time of God and family, with shopping doors open at 8:00 pm. We need to protest by refusing to go, in spite of the enticements that they offer. Those who have to work or lose their jobs are in a terrible predicament and need our sympathy, but not our business.

Happy Thanksgiving!!




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