Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

18 11 2012

Chapter 11

1. Salvation merits obedience: obedience reaps rewards. v.4-5
2. Obedience is the rent set aside for the lease (Matthew Henry). v.5
3. Every sin against God is a sin against ourselves (Matthew Henry). v.17
4. Vengeance is God’s; we can still plead to Him for justice. v.20
5. Preaching in the name of the Lord (with authority) may produce rage. v.21

Chapter 12

1. Piety from the teeth outward is not a difficult thing (Matthew Henry). v.2
2. God often uses small trials to give endurance for the greater trails. v.5
3. The wicked may prosper, but our Lord is a great accountant. v.1,13
4. Even our decision to repent is to be accredited to God’s faithfulness to return. v.15

Chapter 13

1. Spiritual “know it alls” are filled with themselves. v.12
2. When pride infects, the first thing to go is hearing. v.
3. People do not change apart from the grace of God. v.23
4. To forget God is to invite His presence in an unforgettable way. v.25

Chapter 14

1. Water is an often overlooked item of God’s supply. v.30
2. God’s presence is far more important than His presents. V.9
3. God is not an eternal pacifist. v.11-12
4. The false prophets were positive, patriotic, popular, and wrong.

Chapter 15

1. Serving God in perilous times is a formula for contention, not peace. v.10
2. Sometimes God’s will takes us down a lonely road. v.17




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