16 11 2012

There is a potential for another story of laughter. Isaac’s name means laughter because that is what Abraham and Sarah did after an angel delivered the message that Sarah would soon deliver. She was 99 and beyond child-bearing years (Hebrews 11:11). So why not laugh in joy at the unmistakable hand of God in the birth of Isaac.

My daughter lost her stillborn baby this past March due to unforeseen complications. Her husband developed stage 3 cancer and because of the radiation, became sterile. My daughter is now 10 weeks pregnant! No, it is not as miraculous as Abraham and Sarah, but it has cause a lot of joyous laughter. The baby was conceived in a very small window of opportunity after the diagnosis of cancer and before the treatments began. God is good! We will never forget Annabelle, my still-born granddaughter, who we will one day see! I just can not get over the laughter of a new life coming in such a fashion that God’s unmistakable is seen. If you are a person of faith, pray for a safe pregnancy.




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