General Petraeus

14 11 2012

The affair and resignation of General David Petraeus has saddened me greatly since I thought he was of the same caliber and role model status as Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf. After getting over the shock, I have these thoughts…

1. Disappointment
It is hard to contemplate how a man of his caliber and potential for a bright future would have such a tryst with another woman. In a world where leaders are on the everyone’s radar with Twitter scrutiny and YouTube imagery, did he really think he could get away with it? Especially being the CIA director! I have not heard of any compromised security issues, but that would be a huge disappointment.

2. Warning
General Petraeus is a man of character, discipline, and integrity. One does not get advanced to become a four star general without those hard-earned characteristics as part of your résumé. If the danger of an affair can even deceive the CIA director, how about me? Sex is a very potent and blinding passion. That’s nothing new, we just need to be constantly reminded. No one is beyond its tantalizing touch. We need to be cautious and alert to the prowling potential of sex with another woman or man and the ruinous fruit of its deception.

3. Self righteousness
I actually feel sorry about the way General Petraeus is being crucified by those who could not endure the same standard of measurement. I think the advice of Jesus would be… “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

4. Humility
General Petraus’ resignation surprised everyone. Others would have felt a public apology in line due to the public exposure of his impropriety, but not a resignation. I mean, we tolerate Presidents like Eisenhower, JFK, and Clinton having indiscretions with women as well as other leaders in sports, business, and politics. I appreciate the humility of this man who took personal responsibility for his bad decision.

5. Wonder
I stand in awe of the tabloid-like coverage disguised as “news”. Everyone seems to be hungry for coverage that is sordid in nature, giving them something they could complain about and somehow pretend that they are so much better. If General Petraeus confessed to being gay, he would be heralded as brave and his approval ratings would soar. He would be defended by the ones who now attack him.

6. Prayer
The human error of this great man should prompt us to be in prayer for others who are in authority. Even if we consider them as great, they are still human. As human beings, we have a tendency to display imperfections. (Psalm 130:3) “If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?”

7. Hypocrisy
The ones who cry the loudest will be the ones who fall the hardest. (1 Corinthians 10:12) “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”

8. Scripture
We have an example in the Bible of another general named David who was caught red handed in adultery, only he added murder to his sin as a coverup to save his reputation. His affair was publicized one year later when a whistle-blower prophet called him on it. David fell on the mercy of God and was forgiven. He was not asked to resign nor hang up his pen of inspiration. “Petraeus” reminds me of “Peter”, or “Petra”. Peter actually resigned because of his denial of Jesus, but Jesus forgave and did not accept his resignation.

9. Forgiveness
No one seems to be using this word that much in the Petraus scandal. He is not the Chief of Chaplains, he is a CIA director. I am disappointed about his affair, but do not feel a resignation is in order. We are experiencing a serious brain-drain in our Military leadership and we act like a purge at such a high level for such a small offense is justified. General Petraus is in trouble at home and has serious issues with his wife and kids. Let them sort it out. General Petraus has more going for him than we are giving him credit; his contribution to our nation needs to be appreciated.




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