Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

9 11 2012

Chapter 6

1. The “shadows of the evening” stretched out for 2000 years. v.4
2. To lose the soul of God is an immeasurable loss. v.8
3. The word of the prophet in the presence of evil must ever be war. (G.C. Morgan) v.17
4. Reprobate silver has inherit value (silver), but it needs the process of purification. v.30

Chapter 7

1. Our focus should be on the Lord of the Temple and not the Temple of the Lord. v.4
2. We trust in lying words when we neglect the Word of Truth. v.4,8
3. There comes a time when prayer is futile. v.16
4. When we trust in our own ways, we trust a fool. v.24
5. Sin promises mirth and delivers desolation. v.34

Chapter 8

1. It is foolish to unlearn what is inborn. v.7
2. One can not be healed if the wrong medicine is prescribed. v.11
3. Mercies abused are forfeited. (Matthew Henry) v.13
4. We have a balm (Jesus), but people must receive Him. v.22

Chapter 9

1. God’s messenger should have conviction and compassion, but not contempt. v.1
2. Selfishness lends itself to lying. v.5,8
3. We can lament calamity without lamenting iniquity. v.19

Chapter 10

1. We are not to even dabble in the signs of astrology. v.2
2. The signature of God is seen in creation. v.12-13
3. The ruin of a nation owes itself to the “brutishness” of its teachers. v.14,21




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