Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

7 11 2012

It was a study that covered one chapter per week, 52 weeks. I outlined each chapter, pointed out notable words and words that needed context. I also gave applications from the particular chapter that we could carry out into our own lives. I will leave you only with the applications over the next ten posts, may God use them to inspire you to seek His Word for all things.
2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

Chapter 1
1. God will qualify those He calls. V.5
2. God will give strength to match the difficulty of the task. v.6-9

Chapter 2
1. Honestly and humility are the best ways to approach God. v. 32-33
2. Pretending leads to punishment. v. 35

Chapter 3
1. Blushing is the color of virtue (Matthew Henry). v.3
2. Thoughts on backsliding…
a. Its only solution is to return v. 1,12,23
b. Its only hope is mercy v. 12
c. Its only deliverance is through acknowledging our own sin. v.13
d. True repentance involves calling their sin, shame. v. 25-25

Chapter 4
1. God’s usual method is to warn before He wounds (Matthew Henry) v. 5
2. The roaring lion is still seeking whom he may devour. v.7 with 1 Peter 5:8
3. God is patient with the language of agony. v. 10
4. v. 23 is not a creation verse but a destruction verse

Chapter 5

1. Luxurious living feeds the flame of lust (Matthew ). v.8, 28
2. If we have as awe of God, sin will lose its luster. v. 22-24
3. Ingratitude is the cornerstone of rebellion. v. 23
4. Lies are more dangerous when spoken in the context of divine revelation. v. 31
5. If ignorance is bliss, deception is utopia. v. 31




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