Righteousness and Peace Kissed Each Other

2 11 2012

Psalm 85:10
10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

At an ordination counsel in which I recently participated, my part was to ask the candidate questions about the subject of “God”. Pretty big topic, is it not? As I was making inquiry about his knowledge of the attributes of God, I asked if he knew a place and time when God’s justice and God’s mercy intersected. He rightly gave the worldwide flood as an example when God’s justice was exercised yet was intersected by his mercy (the Ark). I was looking for him to say that justice and mercy intersected at Calvary.

Nothing can equal the power of the verse in Psalms quoted above on the subject. A time when righteousness and peace kissed each other. Righteousness is the attribute of holiness that is only found in God (Romans 3;10). Peace is what we find when we are justified by Christ and can claim His righteousness (Romans 5:1). At Calvary, righteousness and peace kissed each other.

A kiss is a gesture of affection expressed by two who are at “peace” with each other. Judas’s kiss given to Jesus is the ultimate betrayal because it symbolized a relationship in which he was obviously missing. Judas offered a kiss of betrayal. Jesus offers a kiss of peace, affection, forgiveness, understanding, grace, and promise. If you have turned down his act of supreme love, reconsider. He has not given up on you!




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