A Mighty Rushing Wind

31 10 2012

Hurricane Sandy aka “The Super Storm.” What made it “Super” was it sheer size, strength, and potential for damage. Super Sandy came ashore at the most notable spots on the globe. New York City and New Jersey were especially hit hard. Manhattan, the sight of ground zero, is still in the dark. We can only imagine the grief, trauma, and destruction that the residents must deal with. The stories are yet to be told and the real heroes yet to be revealed. Our prayers go out to the one’s suffering, the ones who grieve the sudden death of loved ones, the ones who saw their life upended.

The Bible Speaks of a “mighty rushing wind” in Acts 2:2. It was an attention-getter of an event that gave the Holy Spirit to the church at Pentecost. “Wind” and “spirit ” come from the same root word. The Holy Spirit is the “Wind” or the “Breathe” of God. He was symbolized by tongues of fire and the sound of a mighty rushing wind. It was “rushing”, giving it the sense of speed. It was “mighty”, giving it the sense of power. I do not believe the people in that upper room were blown away by the wind, because it was only the sound that they heard. Those on the East Coast can attest to the sheer sound volume of a super storm.At Pentecost the Holy Spirit came roaring inland to the church leaving a path of salvation, redemption, and healing wherever He went.

Perhaps Sandy can remind us that there is a God who desires to touch us on the inside more that he wants us to be prosperous on the outside. Perhaps we all ought to check our own list of things that really matter in our lives. Maybe the debate about global warming should take a back seat to Holy Spirit warning.




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