Isaac and Christ

27 10 2012

Just a few thoughts from a study that I recently made about characters in the Book of Genesis. It’s amazing the similarities between Isaac and Christ. These comparisons come in chapter 22 when Isaac is offered by his father Abraham, on orders from God. Isaac is in his thirties, Abraham is about 130 at the time.

1. They were only sons
Ishmael was also Abraham’s son, but Isaac is Abraham’s “unique” son. So was Jesus to God (John 3:16).
2. They were greatly loved of the Father
3. They were promised sons
4. They were born miraculously
Jesus has the edge here since he was born of a virgin. Isaac was born of a woman who was past child-bearing years.
5. They were persecuted by their brethren
Isaac by his sibling, Jesus by His “own” (the Jew).
6. They were obedient unto death
Jesus and Isaac were possibly the same age. We need to put in mind that Issac was in the strength of his young adult life and made a choice to be bound and placed on the altar.
7. They were both offered at Jerusalem
The Land of Moriah (v.2) is the where the Temple was to be built (2 Chronicles 3:1). The Jews believe it was on the rock now under the Islamic gold dome on the Temple Mount. Calvary is on the other end of Moriah.
8. Isaac carried the wood, Jesus carried the cross
9. Both questioned the Father
Isaac asked, “Where is the Lamb?”; Jesus, “Why hast thou forsaken Me?”.
10. Both were dead in the mind of the Father for three days
11. The Father knew the son would be raised from the dead
It would not make it any easier to plunge a knife into the chest of his son, but Abraham knew that God would raise him from the dead (Hebrews 11:19).
12 Both had their focus on the Bride.
Look at Genesis 24 and you will sense the son’s anticipation to see the bride (Rebekah). So Christ longs for His Church.




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