20 10 2012

Call me a Halloweenie, but I have issues with Halloween. I am not against the costumes, trick-or-treat, parties, scary stories (to a point), or decorations. I have concerns about its origin with its traditions of demonism and witchcraft followed in blissful ignorance. You can study the roots of Halloween from many sources, try Wikipedia. You will find it goes back to early Celtic culture, Druids, superstitions, and eventually tied into the Catholic Church. It is the one night out of the year when the dead could roam the earth looking for revenge or whatever. In order for the dead not to find them, they would wear masks. So how did the church get involved? Probably by association. Halloween is “All Hallows Eve” (as in “hallowed be thy name”). It is the evening before All Saints Day (All Hallows Day). That day celebrates the ones who died and went to Heaven, the evening prior, you hear from the ones who died and did not go to Heaven. It is a night of fear, death, terror, warding off evil spirits with carved out turnips (later pumpkins),and bribing the undead with gifts of any sort (like candy). There is much more, look it up.

Am I saying that our modern Halloween followers are a bunch of devil worshiping, zombie believing, fear mongering, death loving, witches and warlocks? Of course not. Am I saying that children who take part in trick or treat are dabbling in the occult with the approval of their parent? Absolutely not! I think it is fun to dress up in costumes, I do so at different times of the year when I portray a character in skits. I enjoy seeing the cute costumes of children and have candy available for them when they come to my door. I will not tell parents to cool their involvement in this yearly event, just be aware of its roots and make your decision to participate based upon study and prayer. If you decide to keep your children actively involved, I can see the principle of Romans 14 coming into play. Just “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind”(Romans 14:5).

* God has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7), so be cautious of your involvement in horror
* We should not identify with the works of darkness (Romans 13:12), so stay away from the costumes that are demonic
* Avoid pranks (Proverbs 10:23)

‘Nuff said.




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