Crazy Love

10 10 2012

God. Who is He? What does He want with me? Can faith in God really make a difference in my life? Books were written on the subject, verse penned, songs sung. Francis Chan has written a classic on the subject of being loved by God and pursuing the God who loves us. He gives us a very personal challenge to consider how we are to respond to the God of the galaxies. It is a reality check and a Scriptural warning to the church at Laodicea (they were neither hot nor cold), that is thriving in our culture of mediocrity.

The book is powerful because it uses the Word of God to show us who God is, what we are, and the person that God can make of us. He covers topics like “the profile of the lukewarm”, “the profile of the obsessed”, “serving leftovers to a holy God”, and “your best life…later”. He gives examples of people and organizations living a life totally surrendered to God, and encourages the reader to follower them in this radical life of walking in intimacy with God. He will prove that our love life with God will drive us into a lifestyle of self-sacrifice, with love for the unlovable and compassion for the poor.

The teens in our church are going through a study of the DVD and study guide for the book. I would like to make the book available to the adults of the church and do a small group Bible study to closely look at the principles of “being overwhelmed by a relentless God”.

Pick up the book and give it a read. You will be convinced and convicted that the church is more than just three songs and a sermon.




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