Beyond My Limits

6 10 2012

The author of this book is a friend of mine. I was given his book when it was first published, but put it down until I finished reading the 2-3 others that I was reading or needed to read. Needless to say it was soon forgotten as it set on my bookshelf. It was truly my loss. I found the book very delightful, inspirational, and informational. He speaks of his over 2000 mile journey hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since he was a missionary to France, he was a sectional hiker, beginning in Georgia and ending in Maine, over a 9 years. He finished at the age of 67.

Along the way he not only describes breathtaking views of the Creator’s handiwork, but his witness of his God to other hikers. I marveled at the perseverance and sincerity of my friend, but also for the Creator God that he served. You will read it and feel his awe and spirit of worship.

It was ironic that I finished this wonderful book while overlooking the beautiful Smokey Mountains as I was vacationing in Tennessee. Needless to say, I was on the Appalachian Trail the next day! I walked the same path, felt the same exhilaration and awe.I now have the Appalachian Trail fever and want to hike sections of the trail (not its entirety), sleeping in shelters and tents. I want to witness more of the wonders of creation that I have taken for granted, giving even more reasons to worship the God who fashioned and detailed His works. I was also challenged to be a verbal witness of such.

I would highly recommend this book put out by WinePress Publishing. Enjoy the trip!




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