Just Wondering…

10 09 2012

Just wondering if I can get more traffic on my blog by using words like “sex”, “xxx”, “outrage”, or inflammatory rants against another person who does not hold my opinion.

Just wondering if people who hold opposing views will ever stop insulting one another long enough to start talking to one another.

Just wondering if social networking could be harmful to acquiring social skills.

Just wondering if we have become a culture where rude is an acceptable form of freedom of speech.

Just wondering if our freedom of choice is being marginalized when we belittle the choices other people make.

Just wondering if the world would be a better place if we focus as much on parenting as we do on pornography.

Just wondering if our standard of being “well off” keeps changing so that we will always have something to complain about.

Just wondering if chivalry is sexism and being kind to a child identifies you as being a pedophile.

Just wondering if evolution will ever be able to explain our unique personalities and our obvious importance on our planet.

Just wondering if we have sacrificed our own self discipline on the alter of self indulgence.




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