Wedding Poems

7 09 2012

I write poetry , especially for special occasions like weddings and funerals. With all the work that I put into them, they are only read one time at emotional events that have people treading the deep waters of the moment. I make copies for the bride and groom to read again one day, but they are pretty much forgotten by everyone else. That’s too bad. I will continue to write poetry for special occasions because their potential for real ministry is ageless. Perhaps a grandchild will one day read the words of my poem and find inspiration and direction. I urge others to write poetry to be read at weddings and funerals. Although my poetry is personal for the one to whom I dedicate the poem, there are lines that could inspire you to write more. Let me leave you with a few.

The first is from my son’s wedding this Spring, entitled “Birds are Meant to Fly”

Enduring things will come from love
As days melt into years.
And hope will rise when darkness falls,
‘Cause love will trump your fears.

Your mom and I wish all the best
No matter what betide,
For many waters can’t quench love
Nor take away our pride.

The next few lines come from a poem that I wrote for a young woman that I have known all her life. I was her pastor and we have loved each other dearly. I entitled this one “The Power of a Vow”.

This pomp and pageantry we see;
The crown, the rings, your smi’le,
Testify and emphasize
The power of a vow.

Love and war will be your lot
But you must get it right,
To love each other in the Lord,
The Evil One you fight.

Beware of little foxes near
That spoil tender vines,
The enemy of selfishness
And romance lost with time.

Growing deep within the Word
Brings faith that will not shake,
For through the storms your love will grow
Three cords are hard to break.




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