Honoring Labor

3 09 2012

Labor Day in the USA. We honor those who are the backbone of our Nation. The hourly employee at the local McDonald’s starting out in the workforce or taking on a second job to feed the family. The factory worker who puts up with the monotony of a repetitious 9-5 job for 5-6 days a week. The warehouse people who handle boxes or other merchandise and must wear a back brace to help keep them from getting injured. The construction laborer who must work in heat, cold, rain, or snow. The one who must “moonlight” so that another month’s rent could be paid. The autoworker, steelworker, iron worker, electrician, plumber, nurse, doctor, craftsman, office worker, retail employee, garbage collector, police officer, firefighter, entrepreneur, small business owner,and many others. Thank you. You deserve a day all to yourself. We need a day like this to express our personal gratefulness for all you do to make this country a great nation.

This note of appreciation would not be complete without saying that the best way we can support the ones who labor is to buy their products. Too many jobs are lost to the sweatshop labor of foreign countries. Too many of us make decisions to buy big-ticket items without consideration of the American worker. We fund the Communist Chinese economy with our surrender to their technology, clothing, and ten thousand other products. We support the military of a communist superpower because we will not protest the policies that put American workers at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to “buy American” because our American workforce was not trusted to produce a quality product at a competitive price. I trust the American worker, I believe in their dedication and work ethic, I honor their place in our history.

Lu 10:7b …for the labourer is worthy of his hire.




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