The Teacher

31 08 2012

It is back to school time in America. Most kids have started the school year already, the rest will follow after Labor Day. Much has changed since my days as a grade school/high school student. The Catholic schools have lost Sister Mary Anna’s paddle and Miss O’Dea’s taking you out in the hallway by the earlobe. The best technology was the slide-rule and we had no phone to take to school. In fact we dreaded the phone call from the school to our home. Do you know one thing that hasn’t changed? The Teacher. The Teacher is the true hero of our culture. The always have been, they always will be. When I am in the presence of a teacher, I feel like I am in the presence of greatness. Teachers influence the world by their influence on the smallest members of our world. They may not see it in their lifetime, but their students will go on to be leaders, movers and shakers, inventors, employers, presidents, teachers, soldiers, model citizens, over-comers, etc.. They will model integrity, courage, honor, compassion, thirst for knowledge, discipline, determination, etc..

I was molded by the influence of the Teacher; if you admit it you have also. I am grateful to the soldier for our freedom and grateful to the Teacher for our learning, vision, and character. Pray for our teachers, thank a teacher, be a support for our teachers.

As our Youth head back to school, their most valuable asset is not their laptop or ability to use it. Their most valuable asset is the Teacher. Thank God for teachers.




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