Leadership Journal

16 08 2012

I was introduced to this quarterly publication about 25 years ago and has proved a valuable tool. It is designed for Christian leadership in general, pastors in particular. Every issue deals with a theme pertinent to the ministry, along with other articles of interest such as news, polls, the best cartoons ever, and challenging thoughts meant to support passion for Christ. It is not a journal of dry theology but a handbook of practicality for busy Christian leaders. I save my copies that sometimes make it into a sermon series. Some copies just give food for thought, some I share with others. I do not read many magazines, but I devour this one. It is always relevent, always fresh. I highly recommend it for those in ministry.

The last issue covered the topic of Transformation, with nine articles written by seasoned pastors and authors. It also covered singles ministry, sabbaticals, chaplaincy, and college ministry. The main theme of the issue before that covered Spiritual Warfare with 11 articles on the subject in addition to articles on prayer, burnout, ministering to the disabled, and the measure of a good church. Along with that are smaller articles on trends in ministry and in culture.

I would recommend this publication for anyone in ministry or someone who just wants to be more effective in their service for Christ. It is published by Christianity Today. If you are local, I will lend you one to peruse.




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