Send Them Back?

14 08 2012

It’s one of those questions coming to mind during times of difficulty that have never been part of your thought process before. Let me explain…

I was saved in 1974 while I was in the Navy. I was discharged in 1976 and attended Hyles-Anderson Bible College, Hammond Indiana, in 1977. Of course I was not spiritually mature, but I felt I needed the hard-hitting yet legalistic ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a rather simplistic grasp of the Bible yet a desire to walk with God and a sincere love for souls. I still had not “come to my own” spiritually, but was a clone of Dr. Jack Hyles. We all were. I later found that Camelot was not what it seemed. The respected leadership was living a double lifestyle and my view of legalism was coming of age. I was disappointed with my choice of colleges but still able to work my way through the muddy waters of reality. Now the current Chancellor of Hyles-Anderson and son-in-law of Dr. Jack Hyles confessed to having an affair with a 16 year old. My education seems like a graduate degree in hypocrisy. I am embarrassed of my Alma Mater and would never recommend it to anyone.

Then the question came to mind… Should I mail back my two diplomas in protest of the sham that a few have made of the faith of many? The damage is done and the carnage is great. Perhaps my protest could send the message to the wounded that distance from the institution is to be seriously considered.

I probably will not send them back, but can you understand the question that had came to my thought process? I am deeply concerned about the ones who sit where I once sat. Please pray for their deliverance from their blind loyalties and legalistic mindset. It will go a lot further that my discarded diplomas.




One response

17 08 2012
Wayne Collins

My big concern when it comes to this Hyles-Anderson type of legalism is the spiritual carnage left in its wake. Many who get sucked in to this form of religious fervor do not see the light before it is too late. Their children usually suffer greatly because when they see the hypocrisy and question it they are branded as unfit and in the end reject God along with the false teachings of legalism. While I can understand their decision to do so I would like to invite them to take a fresh look at God away from the darkness of Legalism. I would also like to invite those who are still shackled by this darkness to step into the light of God’s unrelenting grace.

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