Hyles-Anderson College

12 08 2012

I rarely mention that my credentials come from Hyles-Anderson College in Hammond, Indiana. I graduated from that unaccredited fundamental Baptist institute of higher learning in 1980, over 30 years ago. I was young in the Lord and mesmerized by the animated preaching of its founder, Dr. Jack Hyles. I went on to earn a Master’s degree in 1981. Needless to say, I changed my blind loyalties as I grew in grace, but I could not change my résumé. Finding a church that would accept a “reformed” Hyles-Anderson graduate was very difficult, its name alone drew red flags from search committees. I did not want a “Hyles” church, to build upon the house of cards called legalism, cheer leading preaching, and shallow judgmental teaching. The scandals involving its founder and his son occurred after I left its hallowed halls, but they were not surprising. One of its greatest Bible teachers (at least all of us preacher boys thought he was), now sits in prison. His judgement was clouded by a warped and unbiblical concept of leadership. I tried to get a degree from another institution so that I could distance myself from my alma mater and open other doors of ministry. A neurological disorder prevented me from finishing. For thirty years, my association with that college and lack of an accredited degree has been a handicap.

Now I get word that the current pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, son-in-law to the founder of Hyles-Anderson, has admitted to an affair with a sixteen year old. The beat goes on, nothing has changed inside of the hot-house of legalism. I am no longer a preacher boy and need to say with as sincere a heart as I can to those at Hyles-Anderson who remain…run! Run and don’t look back. Rejoice that you did not have to graduate from there and forever be identified with its immorality. Run! Run! Run!




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