John Grisham

10 08 2012

It’s been a while since my last book review, so I will give my assessment of an author. I just finished The Chamber by John Grisham, but have read 3 other of his books. He is a very compelling writer, a true story-teller. His books highlight the legal profession to some degree, because of his background as a lawyer. My favorite book so far is The Testament.
Grisham tackles social issues with his fiction and forces me to sometimes take a look at our culture’s reaction to such an issue. He makes me feel uncomfortable, but always makes me think. The main characters do not always come out on top and the bad guys sometimes win. That’s life. I think we like the warm and fuzzy type programing found in much of our TV dramas. I can see why… TV producers can not kill off the main actors nor fail to make them the heroes, because they attract ratings. John Grisham has no such rating system, he just writes another book.

Would I recommend John Grisham? You bet. His tales are long, but fascinating and well written. So far, they have been without romantic tension and sex; they are more calculating and strategic. His endings will surprise you.




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