Happy Birthday, Dad

8 08 2012

Today is my father’s birthday. He passed away over 10 years ago. I can no longer send a card or make that phone call, or visit with him to let him know that he is special. He is no longer on my daily prayer list. I can not bring him a small Dunkin Donuts coffee with three sugars and two creams. His birthday will be remembered by few and his life’s influence is slowly fading. I guess his birthday is a reminder to me and perhaps some of my siblings of the sacredness of moments we have together, the importance of creating memories with the ones we love, the reality of picking up the torch he has passed to us and running with it, the heritage that is ours just by being, the priority that we should put on the relationship we have with our children, the gratefulness we should always have for our parents, and their memory that needs to be passed along to the next generation.

I also need to remember that in 10 years, I will be the age of my father when He passed away. The clock of time stops for no one. May God help us to leave a mark that will encourage our survivors to grow in faith, hope and love.




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