5 08 2012

I love the Olympics, especially the Summer variety. I cheer for team USA and thrill at the stories, handicaps, and discipline of the athletes that propelled them to the top. I love the display of Nationalism and the mixed audience cheering for their homeland. I sense the pride of each gold metal winner as their own National Anthem is played. I love the pageantry of the opening ceremony, the symbolic flame, and the musical fanfare played that announces the start of event coverage. I see cooperation as each nation follows an established set of rules and I am awed at the way nations come as competitors and not enemies. I see the sincere respect that athletes have for one another and the oft humility of the winners. I breathe deep at this world display of peaceful existence, mutual respect, and unapologetic patriotism. I grieve the end of the Olympics when the world goes back to its default position of superiority, prejudice, human rights abuse, war, suspicion, slavery, hate, evil, intimidation, etc.. At least for a little time this Summer we can see the wisdom of Romans 12:18: “If it be possible,as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men”.




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