1 08 2012

It is by far an Old Testament word, especially Psalms. Meditation (in our English Bible) is taken from two distinct words in the Hebrew Old Testament.

1. Hagah– actually has to do with muttering to yourself as you ponder the things of life and God. Perhaps this is the idea of Ephesians 5:19 where it tells us, “…speaking to yourselves in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”. Perhaps this is a word picture of what Jesus said in Matthew 12:34 as we speak to ourselves out of the abundance of our heart. Perhaps it means that God’s Truth needs to be as close as the words of our lips. Some liken it to a cow chewing its cud, when it keeps bringing up grass from its stomach so that it would undergo another round of chewing until it is fully digestible (kind of disgusting way to eat, but a good way of meditating on the Word until it is finally digested into our life).

2. Siach– This word give the idea of thinking over a matter in our mind. It is translated as “muse” in Psalm 143:5. When we are “amused” or indulge in “amusement” it is to take our mind off of something. Siach is a discipline and involves an intentional time set aside to think.

So, what are the subjects of our disciplined mutterings? We are overwhelmed with thinking of the things of this world, but what do we meditate upon when we disconnect from these pressing concerns during an intentional time of musing?

1. God’s Word (Psalm 1:2)
2. God’s works (Psalm 143:3)
3. God’s wonders (Psalm 104:34)

The lost art of the twentieth century is meditation. Meditation is disciplined thought, focused on a single object or Scripture for a time.
Charles R. Swindoll (1934- )




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