21 07 2012

Evil is alive, well, and growing. I say this in reference to the recent shooting in Colorado where 12 were killed and 59 wounded. One need only turn to the local news to witness the heinous results of evil. Police and military are tasked to protect us from evil, but its unpredictable nature mocks our level of strength and readiness. Confusion is added to the equation if the ones who are to protect us are also evil.

So where is God in all of this? Did He let evil do its devastating thing without any restraint? Does His everlasting love neglect the victim and mock the pain of the survivor? Are we at the mercy of evil? The question of evil is ageless. Books have been devoted to its reality, mystery, and the questioning of a God who is good. I can not begin to have a satisfactory response in 250 words. Let me offer these thoughts…

1. God is aware of evil.
2. Evil came when sin was introduced to the world.
3. God restrains evil but will not abolish it.
4. Evil is the result of the free choice of sinful man, not according to the plan of a good and loving God.
5. Jesus taught us to pray, “Deliver us from evil”
6. If we are a victim of evil in spite of our prayer for deliverance, it is not our fault nor God’s oversight.
7. God desires to give grace in the aftermath of tragedy and turn it into good.
8. Evil will get worse as the time of the Antichrist draws closer
9. Ultimate justice will not escape God’s attention




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