Funeral for the Victim

18 07 2012

It’s so sad going to the funeral of a murder victim, but I’m glad I did. The family was very grateful that their former pastor made the trip just to see them. Antony’s fiancé did not know me at all, but she needed all the comfort people could give. She has to raise twin girls without their dad. She testified at the service that she took Anthony to the hospital and talked to him on the way, he told her that he was not going to die and even walked into Emergency on his own.

The testimony service was about an hour-long, but dominated by only about 7 or 8 people. No one would object because it was just immediate family and close friends. It was a room full of young people (200?) and much of the testimony time was about drinking, sex, stories, and laughter. Very unusual. I was permitted to say a few words at the beginning about the value of a life well spent.

To me the preacher was a little bazaar. He was an older gentleman, pastor of a local church. You could not help but notice the cross he wore… it was a 12 inch yellow ruler inscribed with a gospel message. The crossbar of the cross was a 6 inch yellow ruler with the Ten Commandments inscribed on it. In the middle of the cross was a white light draped by a sting of Wordless Book beads. Somehow he fastened it to his suit jacket. I appreciate his boldness, but did not think it was appropriate. In the room of a couple hundred very tattooed, pierced, and “ghetto” dressed people, they were very polite and pretended not to notice. I thought I saw it all until he left and he grabbed a white hard-hat with 1/2 inch lettering that Jesus was his foundation and other sayings… it was 95 degrees out! When the Bible tells us that we are a spectacle to the world (1 Corinthians 4:9), that’s not what it meant. I wonder how many will come to a conclusion that Christianity is not worth pursuing?




One response

21 07 2012
Joe Christian

I wonder how many will come to a conclusion that Christianity is not worth pursuing after reading your ridicule of another man of God’s methods?

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