13 07 2012

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.
~Author Unknown

It all started when I was in the Navy. It was my excuse for not drinking; I was the designated driver. My love of coffee was probably born of necessity when I was in college and had to be alert for class or study for a test. Now I enjoy it, it is the center of social gatherings, and the “reason” why we go out to talk. Admittedly, I drink more decaf, but that is just so I could have another cup and not go over my two cup limit (of caffeinated coffee) for the day.

Back in his day, Evangelist Lester Roloff would passionately preach against coffee. I admired the man so much that when he was killed in a plane crash in the early 80’s, I quit coffee in honor of his memory. It didn’t last long. OK, I admit that it is addicting and if I were to quit it would come with certain undesirable withdrawal symptoms. Some would say that I am addicted to a drug and make it sound like crack. Gimme a break. We are addicted to our habits whether good or bad. We are addicted to sleeping in, golfing, TV shows, peanut butter, cigarettes, Pepsi, prayer, NFL football, breathing, or whatever. There are as many addictions as there are people. Does that mean that all addictions are wrong, or just the ones that dishonor the Temple of the Holy Spirit? Let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about it.

If it wasn’t for coffee, I’d have no discernible personality at all.
~David Letterman




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