Conquered by his love

22 06 2012

It’s just a few days before church camp. Preparation as a main speaker is a labor of love, but nonetheless, an arduous labor! The theme from Romans 8:37 is “More than Conquerors”. Before we can claim such a lofty promise, we must be conquered: conquered by his love. The promise is “through Him who loved us”. As a people, we do not like to surrender anything. Surrender is synonymous with defeat, of being a loser. In the Spiritual realm, is the only way to victory!

God loves us and wants the best for us. He is big enough to give us whatever He knows will help us and wise enough to have a big-picture plan, even if we are slaves to the here-and-now. He loves us. God’s love is the basis of our faith, the rock bottom foundation. If we are to become what we need to be for Him, if we want to be more than conquerors, we must surrender to the God who loves us. It is the only way, it is the only way to find peace, hope, and purpose.

I will be having the teens carry around banners all week long, with the words “Conquered by His Love” emblazoned on it. It’s a tough truth for us to grasp and I want them to come face to face with this reality of faith every day of next week.




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