Church Camp

18 06 2012

I am a strong believer in sending a child/teen to church camp. I have seen the life-changing results covering my experience of 25 years. I have personally taken children/teens to camp and functioned at nearly every position (organizer, game director, lifeguard, counselor, speaker, maintenance, problem solver, or whatever was needed). Many believe camp is all about fun and all but a vacation for those adults who attend. It is fun by nature and necessity, but it is deeply spiritual and personally reflective.

Camp is a time out from texting, social networking, mp3, computer screens, TV, radio, and negative peer pressure. It is a chance to get out of the house and into the outdoors. There is actually a time when teens go through a withdraw with its accompanying moodiness, complaining, and anxiousness.They have a chance to listen to a voice often crowded out because of the noise in their life… the voice of God.

I understand that some of these heart-felt decisions are based on the emotion of the moment and last only until school starts back up and they are thrust back into their world of expectations and peer pressure. I understand the environment that they reënter after a week of camp will decide the nurturing of those decisions. I also know that church camp is referenced more than any other entity as to the personal and spiritual tool of maturity for that young person.

Send a kid to camp. Become a camp sponsor. Pray for those who work with these young people. Church camp is a powerful and memorable experience.




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