Thanks Dad

16 06 2012

It’s been 10 Father’s Days since my dad passed away. I miss him. I am so grateful for the memories. My earliest memories are in the late 50’s when he built a house on the West Side of Youngstown, Ohio while he was still in his 20’s. He poured the cement, he laid the block, he pounded the nails. He was the provider of a family that numbered six children. He was a product of the generation that rarely said, “I love you”, but you know he did.

I only saw him cry once. It was when I surprised him by coming home after being stationed for two years overseas, while in the Navy. He would write often, never sentimental, but I could tell his heart was in it. I knew he was proud of me even though he never really vocalized it. He was a man of faith but was a little distressed when I did not go into the priesthood, which was his dream for me. He never came to hear me preach, but he did come to church one time when I did not preach. When he died, I was at his side.

It’s been ten Father’s Days, ten trips to the cemetery site. Before I leave that silent city of the dead I always whisper “Thanks Dad”. May your Father’s Day be filled with good memories of dad. May the not so good memories be filled with love and understanding. Honor thy father, even if he was not perfect.




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