Wall of Honor

9 06 2012

I am a veteran of the US Navy and a part of the generation who lost over 58,000 of its own in the jungles of Vietnam. It was an ugly, unpopular, and divisive war. My own generation treated the returning soldier with disdain and subjected them to different degrees of slander and disgrace. I was told by fellow sailors and officers not to wear my uniform in public lest I become a target of such rage. That was so unfortunate and sent the wrong message to the defenders of freedom who would follow us. Because of that, many of us from the Vietnam era are actively involved in the support and public honor of those who are now serving. We have seen and felt the demoralizing shame of being the brunt of people’s rage against the system and now proudly stand to defend the soldier in spite of the popularity of the war in which they have been called to fight.

It is for this reason that I am leading a drive to organize a
“Wall of Honor” to honor those KIA and MIA in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, from the tri-county Mahoning Valley region of NE Ohio. This will be a “traveling” wall, able to be transported and displayed in high schools, shopping malls, churches, civic events, etc.. It is being constructed and will be ready for a Military Appreciation Event set for the Canfield Fairgrounds on June 30. It will be the first monument in our area to recognize the war dead of this current conflict.

To all who now are called upon to put your life on hold and on the line, we stand with you, we have your back. Welcome home.




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