The Curse of Cursive

7 06 2012

I’m in trouble! No, I did not pick up head lice, order a super-sized beverage in New York City, or bet on the Browns to win the Superbowl, but I recently realized that I was in big-time trouble! All my life I have written in cursive, printed in all caps, and filed these manuscripts so that others could read them and perhaps benefit from all the hard work I had spent in study and disciplined thinking. My favorite companion in compiling thoughts is a yellow legal pad and pen. Computer screens do not inspire me and storing material on hard drive is a task that is too daunting. Back in the day when I began my journey into study and ministry, hard drive described your prowess and recklessness behind the wheel of a car. I have thousands of pages of sermons and Bible studies all written in cursive

Now I find that cursive is rapidly becoming a lost art and is fading away like dial phones and cheap gas. Schools no longer teach cursive. When I give a card to a young person and write a note of encouragement in cursive, they treat it like a communicable disease. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Pun intended.

So how am I going to document my life’s work so that my grandchildren can easily dissect it? I believe I must take my son’s admonition and write books. How am I going to find time? Will I live long enough to see it materialize? They will never be best sellers, but it is the only way to preserve my life’s work and legacy. It’s either that or bag up thousands of hours of work and send it to a paper recycling grave yard. Technology will always be changing and language morphing itself to shape the culture, but the printed page will long endure. Why didn’t I see it coming 40 years ago? Cursed cursive!




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