29 05 2012

Faith is often presented as being contrary to reason, opposed to science, and an enemy of intelligent thinking. People of faith are often targets of those who believe they are the source of a greater indisputable knowledge. In particular, Christianity is often on the chopping block of the atheist movement and leaders such as Richard Dawkins and Steven Hawking. Perhaps because they know that they could be offensive to our faith without violent repercussions. It’s always open-season to trash the Christian faith and present the “unreasonable myths” that they hold as being unquestioned truth. Things like the existence of God, Creation, miracles, Heaven, revelation, absolutes, sin, the significance of man, eternal justice, the resurrection, etc.. The big rub is that they become what they accuse us as being… guardians of the Truth. Their brand of reason is better that our brand of faith. Thing is, faith itself is reasonable.

We need to get back to reading authors like C.S. Lewis and Francis Shaffer. We need to stand up against the war being waged on faith and Christianity. Young minds are at stake. Eternal souls are in the balance. We must ernestly contend for the faith (Jude 3). We do not have to be masters of debate, just know the truth and be able to contend for the faith in the arena of reason.




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