Be Quiet!

20 05 2012

(Psalm 131)

We are surrounded by noise. It may not all be audible! There is a “noise” inside of our head that never seems to go away, keeping us up at night. It is the noise of demands, deadlines, worries, responsibilities, expectations, fears, disappointments, regrets, irritations or whatever! Perhaps we use audible sounds to drown out all the noise going on between our ears.

In verse 2, David speaks about quieting himself. I dare say, that is a discipline we know little about! We are conditioned to speak out instead of being quiet. Everybody has an opinion and can’t wait to give it, then hopes that someone is listening. No doubt, there is a time for speaking out. Equally important, there is a time for being quiet.

In I Thessalonians 4:11, we are commanded to study to be quiet. It will not come naturally; we must learn how to do it. It will not come apart from the grace of God.

1. Trust Christ as your Savior
This is the first and most important item to quiet oneself. Our hopes must come from above.
Rest in God as your Sovereign
Nothing escapes His attention. Nothing comes by accident. Your circumstances could turn to His opportunities.
Learn to listen to people.
Sometimes quiet needs to start with hearing ourselves talk. Our cultures has a sever shortage of people who will truly listen.




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