The Black Box

16 05 2012

It is meant to survive an explosion, a crash, the pressure of deep water. It is the black box attached and wired inside an airplane. All communication and equipment settings are recorded and stored; an amazing piece of technology and durability. Perhaps it could be a good analogy for what the Bible calls the “soul”.

When God created Man, He gave him a living soul (Genesis 2:7 ). When Jesus describe Man in Matthew 22:37, He stated that the three distinct parts ( separating us from every other created being) are the mind, soul, and spirit. So what is this “black box” called the soul? I believe it is that which makes us different than any other Human being on earth. It is the “real” you. It is your personality. Evolutionists make feeble attempts to explain how personality is a creation of time and chance, but it is pretty lame. No one is like you! I do not think our personalities change much throughout our lives, they become more refined. Mental illness or trauma can change a person, but for the most part we are who we are because of God’s imparting to us a living soul.

Like the black box, this is how we are wired. It is indestructible. I believe we will carry this God-given gift with us to Heaven. Salvation may save our soul, but it does not change this wonderful gift called personality.




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