12 05 2012

Life will often knock the wind out of you. The kind of stuff that leaves you bitter, or depressed, or angry, or grieved, or wondering “why”, or wanting to move back time, or not wanting the future to go on, or whatever. Sometimes it comes on suddenly, sometimes it is like a slow leak from a beautiful balloon. Isaiah 40:1 gives a commission for us to comfort God’s people (used two times). The word “comfort” is used 100 times in the Old Testament and it means “to cause to breathe again”. It’s a message of life and hope. (It gives fresh insight into the words “born again”). We need to be aware of the people around us who are struggling to breathe and comfort them; cause the to breathe again. That comfort is found in the never-changing Word of God (Isaiah 40:8), and the ever gentle Shepherd of God (Isaiah 40:11).




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