8 05 2012

(Psalm 107:27)

Who hasn’t come to their “wits end”, when we have more problems than answers; when things do not happen according to expectations; when mistakes occur due to limited foresight; when time is up before demands are completed? Who hasn’t been frustrated, or come to the end of their rope, or felt overwhelmed “at wits end”? It dictates our attitude, it ruins our day, and it limits our potential. Politics thrive on frustration. Opinion polls merely reflect our level of frustration. In the rat race of life, the rats often win. Frustration does not reveal your lack of faith, it reveals your humanness. Frustration is unavoidable, but it is not uncontrollable. Try these suggestions…

1. Pray
The big temptation of frustration is to throw a pity party, and then invite people who don’t want to hear it. Why not take your frustrations to the throne of grace? You will find One who cares and can give peace, in spite of the storm.

2. Praise
In Psalm 107:31, we are reminded, “Oh that men would praise the Lord (especially when at wit’s end)”. God is good even if we cannot see it. Praise God for the frustration itself, for it could be the very thing God needed to prove His love and grace to you.

3. Trust
Frustration is not meant to tear down your faith, but to build it up. Without frustration we would never see how helpless we are and how faithful He is. Trust God for wisdom, trust Him for peace, and trust Him for strength. Trust that He is using our frustration to become more like Jesus.




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