Small Talk and Simple Pleasures

6 05 2012

We often plan and anticipate the big events in life. The wedding, the playoffs, the graduation. etc…. We bookmark life by the big events and if we get a lot of them, we count our life as being blessed. I look forward to my son’s wedding this month, remember fondly the vacation my wife and I had together last year, and thoroughly enjoy the ministry I have with teens at summer camp. Big events are not to be minimised, they are great diversions from the ordinary and will become great memories to recall. I just think we also need to appreciate the power of small talk and simple pleasures.

Small talk. You know, the random thoughts, the off line remarks, the simple bantering between friends. Not really the passing of important information or the life lessons from a respected mentor. Small talk is what puts sanity into life. Do not dismiss it as a waste of time. Small talk with a trusted fried is one of life’s greatest treasures. You will not mark these times as great events, because its greatness lies in it’s simplicity.

Simple pleasures. There are many, books can be written about its varieties. Walking barefoot in the grass, making snow angels, smelling the fragrance of a rose, kissing the cheek of a baby. Simple pleasures keep our materialistic culture into perspective. Even the poor can be rich if they learn the value of simple pleasures.

Perhaps the measure of the quality of one’s life is not the important events in which they take part. Perhaps the measure of life’s fulfillment is the ability to see the value in small talk and simple pleasures.




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