National Day of Prayer

4 05 2012

May 3rd was the national day of prayer. I was involved in two separate services offered to the public. Allow me to share some insights…

1. Prayer in concert with people around the Nation is an awesome thing! We are united around the throne of God. There will be some to challenge the wisdom of having prayer when the one praying does not have the same faith tradition or biblical beliefs as the one challenging. I say, let God be the Judge.

2. Food is not essential to have a prayer service.

3. Prayer for the nation should not involve taking a political stand, but standing in prayer for the politicians.

4. The National Day of Prayer is seen by skeptics as a time for the Evangelical Right to push an agenda. It isn’t, but the accusations will never end in spite of rebuttal. Just do it!

5. Preaching is not needed before or after prayer. A humble heart is vital.

6. Passionate (really loud) preaching is okay in church, but it only turns away the public. Fervent prayer comes from the heart, not the vocal cords.

7. More people from the non churched community need to attend. Perhaps we need to set up quiet, non-aggressive prayer meetings in office break rooms, school cafeterias, hospital chapels, military barracks. Perhaps we need to set up our prayer meetings in the neighborhoods that need prayer the most.

Prayer is not a one day thing, it is a lifestyle. The National Day of Prayer is a jump-start, now keep that engine running!




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