I Call Her Mom

25 04 2012

Today (April 25th) is my mother’s birthday. She turns 75 without too much notice from anyone besides her own family. But you know, that’s good enough for her. It’s not been easy being the mother of six before she reached her 30’s, a husband that drank heavily, and a divorce that came just 12 years after the marriage began. I had seen her work a 40 hour job to supply for her family; we learned to do without. It was back before welfare and food stamps We were poor, but mom never treated us like we were. She sacrificed and always had something to give at Christmas, even if we had to celebrate it 2 days late so that she could take advantage of the half price sales.

I never was a teen that disrespected my mom, I admired her too much. I wept for hours when she moved out of the house and my dad and his new wife moved in. I went out of my way to make sure I visited her . When I was in the Navy, she and I wrote back and forth all the time. I will never understand how someone could show disrespect for the one they call mom.

I love you mom, happy birthday from your biggest fan.




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