No Regrets

23 04 2012

Much of my poetry was intended to be read one time at a funeral. It was part of my eulogy to one that I loved and respected; poetry was a way for me to concisely address their character. This is such a poem, edited to extend beyond its intended purpose, with truth that can benefit many. I hope that it does.


Some have dreams, and some have plans.
New horizons! Other lands!
Some can see beyond the years,
And overcome their self-made fears,
And life goes one.

Some have wealth, while some be poor
Some have talent laid in store.
While some will make a mark on life,
Some will live a life of strife,
But life goes on.

Some will hate and some will love.
Some will push and some will shove.
Some will live high on the hog,
Some will barely get along,
So life goes on

Some will live their life in fear,
‘Cause time itself is never clear.
Some will find their enemy,
Is not a foe that they could see,
Yet life goes on.

Some will live for selfish fun,
Some will die ere they’ve begun.
Few will find that narrow gate,
Is trusting Christ with all their fate.

The few who ask the Lord to save,
May not escape the lonely grave.
They have the problems others cope,
But look beyond this life for hope!




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