21 04 2012

Facebook is an incredible tool in keeping connected with people. So why am I not an active participant? Oh, I may be one day, but please do not think it is because I am intimidated by the technology. I stay connected with Facebook through my wife who is a devoted follower. Maybe that’s it, I see how much time it takes to keep up. I have enough trouble keeping up with the ones to whom I must face each day. My issue entirely.

I know that the ones who make cute and witty comments get a lot of attention. I seldom find myself being inspired in the area of cute and witty.

I am not sure I want to give a play by-play account of my life online for all to see.

I know the medium is high maintenance if I want to do it right and respond to the play by-play life of other people.

In many ways, blogging is similar to writing a post on Facebook. So what’s the difference? Perhaps it is the fact that this blog is not intended to be personal nor am I obligated to answer anyone who makes a comment.

With that said, there is tremendous potential for ministry through Facebook. It could be an avenue of inspiration, encouragement, comfort, communication, or information. I’m just not ready…yet.




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