17 04 2012

I wouldn’t say I am a bookworm, but I love to read. Probably a book every 10 days. I do not watch TV, for different reasons, so reading is not only a way of learning, it is my way of receiving entertainment. Books are free at the library, about $.50 at a used book table, many are free on Kindle or at a reduced price. We have a glut of books compared to just 50 years ago, yet TV remains our favorite pastime.

I am not saying that everything on TV is bad, there are many things that are good. I do believe that our fascination with the silver screen is draining us of creativity. I have read JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings two times before seeing the movie. All four books were highly entertaining as Tolkien created a whole new world of Hobbits, Elves, Gremlins, and Orcs. I was able to envision everything. When I saw the movie, it was incredible, but the envisioning was not left to me. It was produced by multimillion dollar special effects. The viewer need only soak it in, skipping creativity all together.

As we become a more visual world, are we failing to discipline our mind? Are we surrendering potential adventures and avenues of learning for visual icing, produced by those who are trained in the art of enticing our sweet tooth? I know we read computer screens; or at least “surf” them. Is this the type of reading that stimulates our creativity or is it just an avenue to form opinions and vent emotions? If we were to turn off the TV for one month and limit the computer to email correspondence and just read, it may surprise us! Give it a shot, pick up a book. Read.




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