Jehovah Nissi

15 04 2012

It’s not translated in Exodus 17:15, but it means “The LORD My Banner”. I always thought it refered to a flag taken into battle to show the Army in which they were fighting. I thought it to be something a believer waved without apology to those who sought a reason of the hope that is in us. It was still hard for me to understand how this divine Name for God would be left to the weak and often sinful hands of His followers. As if we had responsibility to make sure the banner yet waves. I have come to a different conclusion.

Jehovah Nissi means “The LORD My Banner” but not in the sense of something we wave so that others can see. It is the Banner that Jehovah Himself raised over territory that He had conquered. It is a banner proclaiming his ownership after a hard-earned battle. I liken it to the American Flag hoisted on Mt Suribachi by 6 brave Marines after securing the battlefield sight on Iwo Jima in WW2. They were sending a message to everyone who would look that the United States conquered and now claims ownership.

I was conquered by His love. His banner of victory is flying in the heart of one who was before in enemy control. Jehovah Nissi deserves all the honor.




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