11 04 2012

I was sent an email put out by NASA about the mass of our earth compared to our sun; our sun compare to other “suns”, especially to the largest known star, Canis Majoris.  In comparison, Earth is a pin point.  Then it compared Canis Majoris to a galaxy and it was like a pin point.  In a universe of billions of galaxies (how do they know that?), one galaxy is a pin point.  The conclusion stated our insignificance.


Significance.  Are we significant?  Is this all ?  If God created the Universe, what makes us think that Earth is that important in the big scheme of things?  Why not just eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die?  What does it matter if I am so insignificant? 

Perhaps Science can give us knowledge of the observable world around us, but it can not be an authority on the significance of Man.  The article’s conclusion is beyond the area of scientific ability.

Its conclusion is unwarranted. We must find an area of authority beyond the observable world and discover our significance within the Words of the God of the Universe. It is written that we are made in the image of God. That’s good enough for me! Science can not prove it contrary.




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