Good Friday

6 04 2012

Today is Good Friday when Christians around the world remember the death of Christ on Calvary. We remember His arrest, trial, scourging, cross, and six excruciating hours suspended between Earth and Heaven as if rejected by both. We remember the spear piercing His side to make sure that death would take place prior to His removal from that instrument of torture. We remember His burial in a borrowed tomb.

All that sounds pretty depressing, but we still call it “Good” Friday. Is it a oxymoron, an oversight, or a truth? Today is the Day of Atonement for believers, a once for all sacrifice involving a Lamb, a High Priest, and blood shed for the atonement of sin. It commemorates the fulfilment of many prophecies found in the Bible. It gives undeniable proof that the Creator of the Universe loves us. It is the epical center of Mankind. It announces the defeat of the Adversary. It pronounce that the work of Calvary is finished. It is all we need for the atonement of our sins. It is a “Good” Friday.




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