“Heaven is for Real”

4 04 2012

I read this book by Todd Burpo last year and didn’t think much of it. Another near death experience book. The book made it as a New York Times best seller and was a hot item everywhere I looked. I absolutely missed its ministry to those who are struggling or needing to find hope in a hopeless situation. At least until my daughter found hope in its pages as she was coping with the loss of her stillborn baby. Now I would recommend it to anyone; I will keep copies on hand.

The book is written by a Nebraska pastor about his son named Colton who died at the age of four and was revived. This little boy later describes meeting Jesus along with members of his family who had passed away. He met his miscarried sister and was never told she even existed. He saw and described a grandparent who died 30 years before he was born.

All of this would seem as make-believe to a skeptic, but it changed my daughter’s whole outlook about the baby she lost. She will share a version written especially for children to her 5-year-old son. Let’s declare the hope that we have in Christ…Heaven is for real!!!




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