Hunger Games

28 03 2012

I started reading this book when it first appeared on Kindle’s top 10 list. I put it down because I could not stomach a plot that has children being trained to kill other children. Now it’s a hit at the box-office. Bravery is a virtue, training is profitable for discipline, but killing is not a game.




One response

13 04 2012
Claire 'Word by Word'

A refreshing view. I don’t want to read this and wonder if it’s popularity has more to do with the current addiciton to entertainment that has elements of high tension, addiction and escapism, from the outside it seems that way – I am sure it pulls readers in and uses all the devices known to do that, but I can’t help but feel that it must inject readers with a negative energy.

I had a similar feeling in the last 200 pages of ‘Shantaram’ which I recently read, when he crosses the line and starts to be motivated by revenge and loses empathy and begins and association with the criminal world, I felt a toxic energy pervade me and it took me some days to expel it. As I said in my review, I am not sure whether it is necessary to understand or whether it is better to be ignorant of some evil and stay true to what is good, I think the latter, but at the same time I so not wish to be naive.

A dystopian novel which sets children out to kill or be killed, I feel no attraction to or interest, except perhaps in an academic sense, to understand and analyse language and tools, which I feel I could almost discuss without even reading the books. It feels safe to comment here, because really one can’t comment too much without reading at least a page or too.

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